KB1907432: Google editor add-on removal guide; Help removing MarkdownTableMaker

This guide has been designed to help with the removal of Google editor add-ons. The example add-on in this guide will be the MarkdownTableMaker for Google Sheets.

Removing the Google editor add-ons may be confusing, especially during Google’s editor add-on migration period (KB1906495).

For example, if more than one instance of the add-on is installed (that is, if both the Chrome Web Store and G Suite Marketplace versions of the same add-on are installed concurrently), there may be confusion when attempts to remove the add-on fail.

The guide is designed to help resolve these issues.

Revoke Access

To remove the add-on, please visit your Google Account permissions page. Then, simply “revoke access” to MarkdownTableMaker.

Google Sheets Add-on Removal

If you installed a G Suite Marketplace add-on in addition to the same Chrome Web Store add-on during the editor add-on migration period, then you may have “two instances” of the same add-on unintentionally installed.

One instance may be in Google Chrome Web Store, and the other one may be in G Suite Marketplace. As a result, you may try to remove an add-on using the Google Sheets interface with no success.

Here is an example of such unexpected behavior:

At first it appeared you had completed the removal process, but then you check the add-ons menu to find your add-on is still listed.

You have tried removing the editor add-on with the Chrome Web Store add-on menu, but that process failed. You may also need to use the G Suite Marketplace add-on management interface.

G Suite Marketplace Add-on Removal

To remove the add-on, open the G Suite Marketplace add-on management interface. Access the “Manage Apps” menu, then “remove” the MarkdownTableMaker add-on.

This video illustrates these steps:


Now, the MarkdownTableMaker add-on should be completely removed.


You may now re-install MarkdownTableMaker.

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