BT Labs

Welcome to BT Labs! These semantic web experiments are beta versions. Try them out and please report bugs. Thank you!

Beta versions of software are not quite ready for prime time. Beta versions are released to help improve the software for a wider audience. Thank you for making this software better.

HeySiri: List of Siri Commands: March 2020

For reference, a complete list of Siri commands for March 2020 is being developed and compiled to help with hands-free computation.

In addition to skeuomorphic design affordances for natural language processing, computational thinking has been visualized with object diagrams featuring properties and functions.

The latest release is on GitHub.

This project also demonstrates MarkdownTableMaker for Google Sheets.

MathForWork (“Math For Work”)

Workplace math education. Learn more.

The WebF Project

Designed for spreadsheets and web-connected apps. Adds new flexible features to =IMPORTDATA and =IMPORTXML functions in Google Sheets. Learn more.

WikiTableWorks for Google Sheets

Converts Google spreadsheets into stylized wiki tables for Wikipedia and any editors that support WikiSyntax. Learn more.