KB1911229: Hiding Google Sheets gridlines for wiki table export

Simply uncheck the Gridlines option in the spreadsheet’s View menu.

The WikiTableWorks add-on supports this setting in the following way: hidden gridlines converts to hidden cell borders; visibile gridlines are rendered as cell solid borders.

The following video snippet shows you how to change the gridlines visibility setting:


KB1911227: How do I export a sortable wiki table?

Optionally, you can freeze rows prior to export. In this example, we will freeze two rows. The last frozen row will contain the column headers used for sorting.

Then, try using “Convert range to sortable wiki table” in the WikiTableWorks menu. This conversion creates a sortable wiki table.

The following video snippet is a demonstration:

You can copy and paste the exported sortable wiki table into MediaWiki, where the column headers become interactive. 


KB1910051: Using MarkdownTableMaker for Google Sheets in iPadOS

In general, Google Sheets add-ons are available in Safari for iPadOS. However, the Google Sheets offline app for iPadOS must be first uninstalled.

When the Google Sheets app is installed, it handles all the spreadsheet documents automatically. To prevent this default handler behavior, the app must be uninstalled.

Removal of the Google Sheets offline app allows Google Drive spreadsheet documents to be opened within the full version of Google Sheets inside the Safari for iPadOS web browser.

All MarkdownTableMaker features work in Safari for iPadOS.


KB1909710: List of Markdown editors supported by MarkdownTableMaker

The following is a list of Markdown editors and software objects that are supported by MarkdownTableMaker:

  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Atom (by GitHub)
  • Drafts
  • StackEdit
  • Bear (via Marked 2)
  • Day One
  • Typora
  • Reddit
  • WordPress (via JetPack)
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Minimalist Markdown Editor
  • Mado
  • Dilinger
  • Markdown Plus
  • StackOverflow

NOTE: Subject to change without prior notice.


KB1909708: Does MarkdownTableMaker skip the hidden columns and rows?

Yes. MarkdownTableMaker skips rows and columns hidden by users or filters. The following is a demonstration of this useful feature: