WebF Version 5 Release Notes

WebF Project is happy to announce the release of version 5!!

Please update your software or spreadsheet to use the newest features. Please carefully test your software or spreadsheet against API changes.

New Features

  • /kbdate – promoted from beta version to production.

Removed Features

  • /upca – removed non-Boolean return types.
    • DETAILS: #ERROR due to input validation has been removed. Now, invalid input simply returns FALSE. Valid input requires 11- or 12-digit sequence of numbers 0 to 9. Input with 11-digit sequence is prepended by a zero digit. All other input is invalid.

Resolved Issues

  • /version – production versions now only return numbers; beta versions now only return strings.

List of Web Functions (Version 5)

  • /kbdate
    • Returns a knowledge base identifier (KBYYMMUUU) based on the year, the month, and the number of hours elapsed since the current month began.
      • Plain text
      • OUTPUT: KB1905264
      • OUTPUT: KB1803002
  • /upca
    • Returns TRUE if the UPC-A string is valid; FALSE, otherwise.
    • URL: https://webf.cc/upca/TEXT
      • BOOLEAN
      • TEXT
        • 11- or 12-digit UPC-A string
        • Adds a leading zero to 11-digit string prior to validation
      • Plain text
    • USAGE
      • =IMPORTDATA("https://webf.cc/upca/040000001027")
      • =IMPORTDATA("https://webf.cc/upca/" & A1)
    • NOTES
      • #ERROR due to input validation removed as of Version 5. Invalid input is now simply FALSE.

List of Web Functions (Beta Version)

Beta versions of software are not quite ready for prime time. Beta versions are released to help improve the software for a wider audience. Thank you for making this software better.

More Notes

Thank you for reporting bugs.


KB1909325: Introducing support for Images and YouTube videos in MarkdownTableMaker

Great news! You can now add images to your Markdown tables using the =IMAGE( ) function in Google Sheets. Also, you can now add YouTube video thumbnails by using the YouTube watch URL.