KB1909325: Introducing support for Images and YouTube videos in MarkdownTableMaker

Great news! You can now add images to your Markdown tables using the =IMAGE( ) function in Google Sheets. Also, you can now add YouTube video thumbnails by using the YouTube watch URL.


KB1906151: Known Issue with Strikethrough-Underline Bug in Google Sheets

OVERVIEW: The following document describes a known issue that affects the export of Markdown tables from Google Sheets using MarkdownTableMaker. The Google Sheets codebase is maintained by Google. Solutions include workarounds to avoid the bug altogether.

KNOWN ISSUE: Google Sheets bug adds unexpected underline to selected text when strikethrough text format is applied while hyperlink text is also selected. 

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: When the strikethrough text attribute is toggled, the selected text will add strikethrough text formatting.

UNEXPECTED BEHAVIOR: When the strikethrough text attribute is toggled, the selected text will add strikethrough text formatting and underline text formatting.

Further, the spreadsheet cell properties only reflect the “underline” attribute, even though both text formats are visible.

The result is the strikethrough text cannot be properly processed by MarkdownTableMaker. Thus, there is no strikethrough syntax added to the Markdown table for certain entries.

SOLUTION: There are a few workarounds to avoid the bug.

SOLUTION #1: Remove the underline attribute from the hyperlink before using strikethrough on mixed text selections.

SOLUTION #2: Only select the non-hyperlink text before toggling the strikethrough text formatting.


KB1906133: Is it possible to copy and paste my Markdown table into notes apps like Bear for macOS?

Sure. Before you copy and paste Markdown tables from MarkdownTableMaker into the Bear app, you must uncheck the option within the Edit menu: Edit > Substitutions > Smart Dashes. 

Also, you need to enable Preferences > General > Markdown compatibility mode.


KB1901176: Improved support for =HYPERLINK( ) function links and labels

There are many ways to add hyperlinks in spreadsheets. The following are the ways supported by MarkdownTableMaker:

  • =HYPERLINK("http://example.com/", "Foo")
  • =HYPERLINK("https://example.com" & A1, "Meh")
  • =HYPERLINK("https://example.com" & foo!A1, "Bah")
  • =HYPERLINK("https://example.com/" & foo!A1, """Free""")
  • =HYPERLINK("https://example.com/" & foo!A1, """""Free""""")
  • =HYPERLINK("https://example.com/" & foo!A1, """""""""Free""""""""")

You may experience formula parse errors in Google Sheets if you use an a “bad pair” of quotes:

  • =HYPERLINK("https://example.com/" & foo!A1, ""Free"")
    • #ERROR: Formula parse error
    • FIX: Use three quotes on each side, instead.
  • =HYPERLINK("https://example.com/" & foo!A1, """"Free"""")
    • #ERROR: Formula parse error
    • FIX: Use fix quotes on each side, instead.