The WebF Project

WebF is an experimental “web function” platform for ubiquitous computing. It is pronounced “Web-EFF”.

WebF is a collection of RESTful, open Web APIs designed for use with =IMPORTDATA and =IMPORTXML functions in Google Sheets.

Microsoft Excel now provides similar =WEBSERVICE and =FILTERXML functions.

Instead of installing Google Sheets add-ons or Microsoft Excel add-ins, WebF can be integrated effortlessly into computational workflows in spreadsheets.

As more users move towards mobile-first productivity, computational flexibility is required to implement specific functions. WebF’s web-based functions afford the user the freedom to focus on predictable function re-use in various contexts without compatibility issues.

You can also use WebF to build apps on any web-enabled device: desktops, tablets, smartphones, Kindles, gaming consoles, giant touchscreen TVs, circuit boards, chatbots — and even smart speakers.

Usage examples below show the syntax for Google Sheets and the curl command line utility. Of course, there are many more implementations for web-connected devices and interfaces.

NOTE: Output returned in XML format is only available for beta testers. The XML format will be available in future releases.

Release Notes

More Important Notes

Thank you for using WebF. Please update your software or spreadsheet to use the newest features. Please carefully test your software or spreadsheet against API changes.

WebF is developed by Bitwise Thermodynamics. By using WebF, you agree to both the Bitwise Thermodynamics Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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