WikiTableWorks is a Google Sheets editor add-on that converts spreadsheets into stylized, wonderful wiki tables. Saves to Google Drive.

WikiTableWorks is a simple wiki table generator for Google Sheets. It uses the Google Sheets user interface as a wiki table designer. The generated wiki table uses WikiSyntax, which is used by popular platforms, such as Wikipedia, MediaWiki, and GitHub.

You can create simple wiki tables or sortable wiki tables.

Sortable wiki tables allow row sorting using column headers.

The newest version now supports MediaWiki 1.31.x LTS, Wikimedia, FANDOM, and (of course) Wikipedia.

WikiTableWorks is the best way to export wiki tables from Google Sheets to MediaWiki-powered web sites, such as Wikipedia.

Merge rows and columns to create powerful layouts. Building complex tables with rowspans and colspans can be expensive for projects, even for expert wiki authors.

Using WikiTableWorks for Google Sheets, you can build the precise layout that you imagine without the time consumed with trial and error.

Use the Google Sheets user interface to change colors and sizes. Developing a simple add-on that uses your prior knowledge, which includes past spreadsheet experience, to build wiki tables is much more cost-effective than reinventing the wheel — or in this case, the interface.

Using Google Sheets to design wiki tables is a natural fit for users who are already comfortable using online spreadsheets to collaborate.

For example, you can customize the fonts, columns, and rows in Google spreadsheets to create stylized wiki tables.

Export your wiki tables to other collaborative environments. It is easy to copy and paste the WikiSyntax into MediaWiki or Wikipedia. You can also save wiki documents to Google Drive.


WikiTableWorks is only available for closed beta testers.

Explanations For Permissions

  • PERMISSION: See, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files
    • Required to create files and folders in Google Drive
  • PERMISSION: View and manage spreadsheets that this application has been installed in
    • Required to read the values and properties from user-specified or user-accessed spreadsheets.
  • PERMISSION: Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
    • Required to generate the Markdown export sidebar


The following is a list of WikiTableWorks features:

  • Exports simple wiki tables from Google Sheets.
  • Exports sortable wiki tables with column headers. (KB1911227)
  • Supports frozen rows for sortable wiki tables.
    • For a table with multiple frozen rows, the last frozen row, the last row is the header row used for sorting
    • For a table with unfrozen rows, the first row is the header row used for sorting.
  • Added Support for the HYPERLINK function link labels
    • =HYPERLINK("", "Foo")
    • =HYPERLINK("" & A1, "Foo")
    • =HYPERLINK("" & foo!A1, "Foo")
  • Supports wiki tables with merged cells as spreadsheet ranges, providing automatic processing of complex layouts that require colspans and rowspans.
  • Supports wiki font colors and sizes.
  • Supports wiki bold font styles.
  • Supports wiki italic font styles.
  • Supports wiki strikethrough font line styles.
  • Supports wiki table row heights.
  • supports wiki table column widths.
  • Supports wiki table cell background colors.
  • Supports wiki table cell left alignments.
  • Supports wiki table cell center alignments.
  • Supports wiki table cell right alignments.
  • Supports wiki table cell top vertical alignments.
  • Supports wiki table cell middle vertical alignments.
  • Supports wiki table cell bottom vertical alignments.
  • Skips hidden rows and columns.
  • Supports hidden gridlines. (KB1911229)
  • Exports as WikiSyntax wiki table for copy and paste of wiki table into MediaWiki or Wikipedia.
  • Exports as WikiSyntax wiki table with limited feature support in GitHub wikis.
  • Saves wiki table to Google Drive as wiki document.
  • Uses the spreadsheet timezone for filename generation.
  • (Experimental) Stores wiki documents in WikiTableWorks folder on Google Drive.

Fully-supported Wiki Editors:

  • Wikipedia
  • MediaWiki LTS
  • Wikimania
  • Fandom
  • Wikia
  • Wikimedia

Partially-supported Wiki Editors:

  • MediaWiki (non-LTS or beta versions)
  • (does not implement some WikiSyntax)

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

The following are frequently asked questions:

  • How do I install WikiTableWorks for Google Sheets?
  • How do I install WikiTableWorks-Beta for Google Sheets?
    • Unfortunately, you cannot. This is a closed beta version.
  • I want to show the spreadsheet data without the gridlines. How do I hide gridlines on the wiki table?
  • How do I export a sortable wiki table?
    • There is a guide for exporting sortable wiki tables. (KB1911227)
  • Does WikiTableWorks support font colors and sizes?
    • Yes.
  • Does WikiTableWorks support column widths and row heights?
    • Yes
  • Does WikiTableWorks skip the rows hidden by filter conditions?
    • Yes.
  • Does WikiTableWorks support individual cell borders?
    • Not yet. Working on it.
  • Why is the default alignment in the spreadsheet not working properly in WikiTableWorks?
    • Default alignment depends on the spreadsheet properties and wiki locales. To override default alignments, you need to explicitly choose alignments in Google Sheets.
  • I don’t need a fancy-schmancy wiki table. I just need something with plain text. How do I get a plain wiki table?
    • Try using “Convert to plain wiki table” in the WikiTableWorks menu. This conversion creates a simple wiki table, but ignores the background colors, font colors and font sizes.
  • I just need my wiki table to be sortable without all the extra formatting magic. How do I get a plain sortable wiki table?
    • Try using “Convert range to plain sortable wiki table” in the WikiTableWorks menu. This conversion creates a sortable wiki tabl, but ignores the background color, font colors and font sizes.
  • The sorting arrows on the table headers disappear when a background color is assigned. How do you make them re-appear?
    • This vanishing sorting arrows icon is known issue in MediaWiki software. The issue occurs whenever the “background” color style attribute is added to a table cell within the header rows. As a workaround, the exporter of sortable wiki tables in WikiTableWorks simply ignores the background color in table headers (which may be first row or frozen rows of a range).
  • How much Does WikiTableWorks cost?
    • WikiTableWorks is free.
  • How do I pay for WikiTableWorks?
    • There is no payment required. WikiTableWorks is free.
  • Can I use wiki tables on GitHub wikis?
    • Yes, but GitHub has limited support for the wiki table features on its wikis. For example, grid size and color formatting is restricted to the GitHub-specified style sheets.
  • The G Suite Marketplace version of WikiTableWorks is behind the Chrome Web Store version. When will it be updated?
    • For now, we will only update Chrome Web Store version until technical issues related to migration have been solved by Google. Thank you for your patience.
  • How do I remove WikiTableWorks that was installed from the G Suite Marketplace?
    • There is a removal guide for Google editor add-ons (KB1907432).
  • How do I remove WikiTableWorks from the Chrome Web Store?
    • WikiTableWorks will not be listed in the Chrome Web Store, with other extensions and apps. If you installed WikiTableWorks for Google Sheets with the Chrome Web Store, you must remove the add-on from within Google Sheets.
  • How do I remove WikiTableWorks that was installed using the Chrome Web Store?
    • There is a removal guide for Google editor add-ons (KB1907432).
  • How do I revoke the permissions granted to WikiTableWorks for Google Sheets?
    • There is a removal guide for Google editor add-ons (KB1907432).

Additional Notes

Wiki table syntax is used in MediaWiki-powered platforms. Currently, MediaWiki 1.31 LTS is supported.

Google Sheets, Google Chrome Web Store, and G Suite Marketplace belong to Google. All other products and trade names belong to their respective owners. Except for MediaWiki with multiple licenses for multiple parts.

Live long and prosper.